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Interdisciplinary Studies Program  


About the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at UNC Asheville

Through UNC Asheville’s interdisciplinary concentrations, students are able to pursue interesting and challenging areas of study that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. These concentrations formally recognize the importance of incorporating different disciplinary and intellectual approaches and perspectives in understanding and explaining the challenging questions, issues, and phenomena confronting us today in our globalized world.

Interdisciplinary concentrations offer students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to synthesize and integrate ideas, perspectives, and theories related to these areas of study. An interdisciplinary major encourages students to look beyond conventional understandings and explanations and to seek out and make explicit the assumptions of disciplinary theories.

A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can be earned in one of three ways: with a major concentration in (1) International Studies (2) Ethics and Social Institutions or (3) an Individual Degree Concentration. The Interdisciplinary Studies program also offers minor concentrations in Asian Studies, International Studies, Neuroscience, and Legal Studies, to complement majors in other departments and disciplines.

In Your Own Words:

UNC Asheville International Studies Lecturer Jinhua Li talks about her classes in Chinese Studies and how well Asheville and China go together.


Faculty and students participated in Exploring China Study Abroad trip 

As part of the INTS 376/NM 376 - Exploring China interdisciplinary course, 11 students and 2 faculty members traveled to China for three weeks this summer.  The group visited 4 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Ha'erbin and Xi'an) for a panoramic view of contemporary Chinese society, culture, popular media, art, and economic and urban development, as well as opportunities for academic research.  READ MORE >>