Clubs & Organizations

Sigma Iota Rho National Honor Society for International Relations

The purpose of Sigma Iota Rho shall be to promote and reward scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies and to foster integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs.  Our local chapter is the Zeta Psi chapter of Sigma Iota Rho.  To be accepted for membership, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Completed at least twenty-one (21) hours of course work in international studies including courses in relevant subject areas of anthropology, economics, foreign languages, geography, history, political science, and other related disciplines; at least two courses at the 300 or 400 levels.
  • Attained a junior standing.
  • Attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher in all courses.
  • Must maintain full-time student status of at least twelve (12) hours to be a voting member or hold an office.

If you are interested, please fill out the Sigma Iota Rho application.

Asian Students in Asheville (A.S.I.A.)

Asian Students in Asheville (A.S.I.A.) is an organization that represents the increasing population of Asian/Asian-American and Pacific Islander students here at UNC Asheville. The organization promotes Asian/Asian-American awareness through social, cultural, and educational events.

The presence of A.S.I.A. on our campus is to help Asian/Asian-American students in their academic and social lives and to bridge the gaps between Asian/Asian-American students and students of other cultures. We hope to enrich the diversity programs on the UNC Asheville campus through a variety of activities. A.S.I.A. strives to bring to light the true diversity of cultures spanning the Asian continent. Membership is open to all UNC Asheville students.

Native American Student Association (NASA)

NASA is a group that was formed to focus on educating others on the the different aspects of Native American lifestyles, cultures, and the uniqueness of each tribe. NASA wants to bring awareness to the fact that the Native American population on campus is small and find ways to recruit Native American students to come to UNC Asheville. This group meant to be open to people who embrace all things about the Indian cultures or want to learn more.

You not have to be of Native American/Indigenous descent to join. Follow the Native American Student Association on Facebook.