American Indian & Indigenous Studies

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS) minor is an interdisciplinary course of study that provides students with an understanding and appreciation of the broad historical, political, social, and economic issues and realities pertaining to indigenous societies and communities, both locally and globally, since the pre-colonial era through colonialism to modern times. The minor incorporates an interdisciplinary framework of materials, methodologies and cross-cultural comparisons from the fields of social sciences and humanities. The minor will examine historical and contemporary issues of power relations, representation, capitalism, coloniality, identity and ecology, along with social and cultural expressions rooted in the experiences and voices of indigenous peoples. Particular emphasis is placed on language revitalization, specifically in the Cherokee Language.

Outside the classroom, students can join the Native American Student Association (NASA) to learn more about Native American lifestyles and cultures across tribes, and they can attend cultural events throughout the year.

Minor Requirements

At least 18 hours including AIIS 200 and additional electives chosen from AIIS courses. Courses must be taken from at least two different academic disciplines in addition to AIIS. Appropriate courses may be substituted with approval from the program director.

University-wide minimum requirements for a minor are:

  1. one-half of the hours required for a minor must be completed in residence at UNC Asheville, to include at least 6 hours at the 300-400 level
  2. students must have a cumulative grade-point-average of at least 2.0 on minor courses taken at UNC Asheville.

Note: students are responsible for completing required prerequisites for elective courses. Visit for official minor requirements.

Declaration of Major or Minor

Students can declare their major or minor online.

Contact Information

Trey Adcock (Cherokee Nation), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Zeis Hall 214, CPO #2025
One University Heights