Arts Management & Entrepreneurship

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You want to change the way people experience an art form which you practice or promote.
  • You are a creative thinker, inclined to create new methods or better ways to manage time and activities.
  • You want to help change the public and political conditions surrounding the arts and art culture.
  • You are an aspiring professional artist and plan to manage your own career.
  • You have a desire to own your own arts store, gallery, or manage a theatre, dance troupe, music band, movie theatre, arts center or festival.
  • You believe you have the talent and dedication to promote the works of other artists.
  • You like to manage the details required to produce artistic products or productions.
  • You consider yourself an arts warrior, go-getter, and have a touch of the maverick.

If some of these describe you, then Arts Management & Entrepreneurship may be right for you!

Art and business might seem unrelated, but what happens when you combine the two fields? You get artistic entrepreneurs who contribute to our culture and economic growth while making the arts more accessible to the public.

The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (AME) concentration and minor are designed for students seeking a career in the arts who also want to start their own business, or innovate, market, and monetize their creative ideas. This cross-disciplinary curriculum includes courses in art, economics, accounting, management, and more, to help students develop skills in management, legal and ethical practices, marketing, self-promotion, and entrepreneurship. Students will also learn best practices in arts leadership and advocacy so they can make a difference in their communities.

Additionally, each student can gain vital hands-on experience working in arts internships with an on-campus department or program, or as part of an approved off-campus professional arts organization, creative business and/or working artist. With Asheville’s thriving arts scene, students have a variety of local learning opportunities and career connections available.

Students can choose to major or minor in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship within the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

Contact Information

Questions? Please contact the Program Director:

Laura Bond, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Drama
120 Whitesides Hall, CPO 2025

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Students can declare their major or minor online.

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