Careers & Resources

Although successful arts entrepreneurs tend to create their own niche by recognizing how their talents can create business opportunities within a given market, below is a list of possible careers for the student to consider as a result of studying Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Visit our Alumni page to find success stories of arts entrepreneurs, managers and leaders.

Arts Administration

  • Arts Administrator
  • Marketing Director
  • Arts Center Director
  • Arts Festival Director or Manager
  • Performing Arts Center Director/Manager
  • Community Arts Director
  • Cultural Events Director/Coordinator


  • Theatre Business Manager
  • Artistic Director of a Theatre
  • Production Manager
  • Independent Theatre Artist or Performer


  • Publisher of an Arts Magazine or Newspaper
  • Publicity Specialist
  • Literary Agent
  • Arts Magazine/Newspaper Editor
  • Freelance Writer

Film/Media Design

  • Film Distribution
  • Film Producer
  • Film Festival Director
  • Film Production Manager
  • Media Design Specialist
  • Independent Film Producer

Art Curation

  • Gallery Owner/Director
  • Owner/Director of Art Co-op Gallery/Store
  • Museum Director
  • Independent Visual Artist

Performing Arts Management

  • Dance Troupe Director/Manager
  • Director of a Music/Arts Festival
  • Music Group Manager
  • Talent/Booking Agent
  • Broadcast Media Manager for Radio, Television, Internet
  • Professional Musician/Performing Artist


  • Arts Advocate
  • Arts Educator for Professional Development
  • Fundraising Specialist


  • Art Auctioneer
  • Interior Designer
  • Art Advisor/Consultant
  • Legal Advisor for Licensing/Copyright

Resources for Arts Entrepreneurs