Majors & Minors

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Through UNC Asheville’s interdisciplinary concentrations, students are able to pursue interesting and challenging areas of study that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. These concentrations formally recognize the importance of incorporating different disciplinary and intellectual approaches and perspectives in understanding and explaining the challenging questions, issues, and phenomena confronting us today in our globalized world.

About the Concentrations & Minors

Interdisciplinary Studies majors may choose from the following concentrations:

International Studies: UNC Asheville offers both a major and minor in International Studies, allowing undergraduates to pursue an interdisciplinary understanding of modern global affairs.

Individualized Degree Program: The Individualized Degree Concentration offers students the opportunity to develop a self-designed individual degree program that transcends the scope of a single traditional academic discipline or major program.

Ethics and Social Studies: The program in Ethics and Social Institutions is designed to enable students to examine and evaluate social, political, and economic issues from an interdisciplinary and ethical perspective.


Asian Studies: The Asian Studies minor offers interdisciplinary courses which have a substantial Asian focus and/or content.

Neuroscience: Neuroscience is an academic discipline which seeks to understand how neural systems give rise to thought and behavior.

Legal Studies: The Legal Studies minor helps students understand the nature of law and its role and function in society through different disciplinary perspectives.

Find more information on the concentrations and minors under the Curriculum section of our website.

Declaration of Major or Minor

Declaring a major or minor in interdisciplinary studies requires the student to complete a Declaration of Major or Minor form that must be signed by the department chair. Before declaring a major, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement.

Course Descriptions & Major/Minor Requirements

Review the course descriptions and major/minor requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog for each of the interdisciplinary studies concentrations.